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MPM 1DI unit 4 chpt 5 and 6

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Lesson Review practice tip


1.       Start by copying out an example from the lesson.

2.       Try to complete the example without looking at your lesson. If you get stuck, you can look at the example from the lesson. Once you have figured out your next step, you start the question again without looking at the example from the lesson.

3.       Repeat until you can complete the question without looking at the example from the lesson

4.       Make notes on the sheet as to where you were stuck, what you now understand , and if this process helped with any concept in particular. I would like you to keep all attempts visible (don’t erase) so that you can see your improvement.


Unit 4 – Graphing and Analytic Geometry



- construct tables of values, graphs and equations

- compare the properties of direct variation and partial variation in applications, and identify the initial value

- determine slope

- understand the relationship between rate of change and slope

- determine using first differences the nature of the relation

- express the equation of a line in any of the forms y = mx + b, Ax + By + C = 0, x = a, y = b

- identify the geometric significance of m and b in the equation y = mx + b

- graph lines by hand, using a variety of techniques

- determine the equation of a line from information about the line

- determine graphically the point of intersection of two linear relations, and interpret the intersection point in the context of an application



Text Ref

Learning Goals

Homework Practise

Nov 4






Direct and Partial Variation



Pg. 242 #1,3,13

PG. 250 C1 #1,2,9

Nov 5






Pg. 259 #1,2,4,5,6,14

Nov 6






Rate of Change



Pg. 267 C2 #1-7,10,14,20

Nov 9






QUIZ – (slope, direct/partial variation)


First Differences


Pg. 275 C1 #1, 2ab,3,4,5a,6

Nov 10






Pg. 284 C3 #1-4,6,7,9,10,13


Nov 11






Equation of a Line in y= mx+b form


p. 303 #C1-C3, 1ad,2ad,3ad,4ac, 11, 14 


Remembrance Day

Nov 12




QUIZ – (connecting)


Graph Equation of a Line in y=mx+b


Pg. 305 #6,8,10

Graphing Worksheet

Nov 13



PD day



Nov 16



Equation of a Line in Ax+By+C =0 form


p. 312 C1 #1,3,4,6,7,11

Nov 17




Graph a Line Using Intercepts



p.319  C1,C2,C3 #1,2a,3aceg,4ab,5,7,9,11

Nov 18




Parallel and Perpendicular Lines



p.327 #3,4,5,8,9 pg. 305 #7

Nov 19




QUIZ – (standard form, graphing using intercepts, parallel and perpendicular slopes)


Find an Equation given Slope & a Point


p.335 C1 #1ace,2-7


Midterm Reports Handed out

Nov 20



Find the Equation given 2 Points


p.341 C1 #1ad,2-4,6,7

Nov 23



Equation of a Line Assignment – intro and work period


Work on Eqn’ of line assignment


Nov 24



Group activity – Equation of a line (success criteria, graphic organizer, answer questions)



Work on Eqn’ of line assignment


Nov 25






Hand in Equation of a Line Assignment

Nov 26



Linear Systems – graph and find POI



p.348 C2 #1,2a, pg. 251 #6

Nov 27



Linear Systems – Interpret and create eqn’



Pg. 350  #9,12

Pg 352

Nov 30



p.353 - 355


Dec 1



Review – take up


EXAM Review chpt 4-6

Dec 2









Math help at lunch in the library

MSIP help available

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