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MPM 1DI Unit 6 chpt 9

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Unit 6 - Optimizing Measurements


- determine the maximum area of a rectangle with a given perimeter.

- determine the minimum perimeter of a rectangle with a given area.

- identify the effect of varying the dimensions on surface area (or volume) of square-based prisms and cylinders, given a fixed surface area (or volume)

- solve problems involving maximization and minimization of measurements of geometric shapes and figures.



Text Ref

Learning Goals

Homework Practise

Dec 12


2D shapes – 3 sides and 4 sides






p.487 #2

Dec 13


2D shapes con’t..





p. 487 #1,3,5,8

Dec 14



9.3 Minimize SA of Sq. base prism

9.4 Maximize V of Sq. base prism





p. 495 #2-7

p. 501 #2,3,5,7,8

Dec 17



9.5 Maximize volume of cylinder

9.6 Minimize SA of a cylinder






p. 508 #1,2,4,6,7

p. 513 #1ac,2ac,3-6,12

Dec 18



Begin next unit











Study Tips:

  1.  Reread lessons and examples 
  2.  Make unit summaries
  3.  Correct old tests

It is never too early to start studying for your Exam J 


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