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Independent Study Unit 3

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Unit 3 Independent Study

Due: _____________________                             Name: ________________________

·         Tools: Refer to text book section 2.1 and 2.2,

·         Typed and organized by Part.

Part 1. Read the scenario and answer the questions

Scenario 1:  Jesse, a grade 9 student, wanted to determine if there was any relationship between the number of texts a grade 9 receives in a day and their average mark. He collected data from 50 grade 9 students in his school.

a.       Determine the population in this situation.

b.      a)Did he use primary data or secondary data?

c.      b) Describe how he could collect the 50 pieces of data using a systematic random sample.

d.     c) Describe how he could collect the 50 pieces of data using a simple random sample.

e.      d)Describe how he could collect a sample that would be biased.

Scenario 2: Alex thinks that people prefer Mac’s coffee over Mac’s Polar Ice (Slurpee). He went to Mac’s Canada on the internet and downloaded data on the sales of these two drinks in Ontario.

a.       a)Was his data Primary or Secondary? Why?

b.      b)State Alex’s hypothesis

c.       c)State the opposite hypothesis.

d.      d)What is the population of this study?

e.      e)If Alex were to gather his own data about Huron heights students’ preferences how could he use a stratified random sample (give an example).


Define census:

Part 2. Hypothesis and its Opposite (Refer to Example 1 pg 43)

1.       Create a hypothesis using the variables backpack weight and back pain, then state its opposite (2 marks)


2.       Create a hypothesis using numbers (ie. Variables include percents or values)(1 mark)


Part 3. Homework: Complete questions; pg 52 # 5, 7, 8, 9, 18


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